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Play Casino Online For Real Money

Play Casino Online is a website dedicated to providing an accurate, detailed and trustworthy guide to playing at online casinos for real money. Developed by a team of industry professionals with years of experience in testing and reviewing online casinos, you can be assured that the content of Play Casino Online has been thoughtfully prepared and painstakingly researched.

Our website covers more than just which online casinos offer the best gaming experiences. We provide information on how to play casino games and the strategies you can apply to enjoy a potentially lucrative experience. We also answer some key questions that many players have – from how to extract the best value from online casino sites to the legality of playing for real money.

What Are The Best Online Casinos for 2020?

In our experience, what may the best online casino for one player may not be the best for another (this is why online casino review sites often promote more than one option). The choice of casino games, the bonuses, and additional gambling opportunities can influence a player to prefer one site over another.

Three factors that are essential for an online games provider to feature in our selection of the best online casinos is that they offer a fair gaming experience, a good level of customer support and timely cashouts. All sites above fulfill that criteria, and you can read more about each in our online casino reviews. For a more detailed country-specific overview, take a look at our country pages below:

How to Play Casino Games Online

Before stepping into the world of real money online casinos you should really learn the rules of the games before you start playing them. Often players learn how to play these games through trial and error. Although trial and error can be a good way of learning the lessons of life, it can result in an expensive education.

We have pooled our combined experience to create guides on how to play online casino games and basic strategies you may wish to consider when starting to play. Where different varieties of certain games exist – for example Double Zero Roulette -v- Single Zero Roulette – we have also explained why one particular type of game may be more suitable.

Bonuses and Promotions

Online casino bonuses are the headline promotions for all casino sites. These are the promotions that initially attract players to the site and encourage them to play real money online casino games. However, the sites with the biggest bonuses are not necessarily the best. Before playing for real money, it is often advisable to check out the following:

This last question is very relevant to determining which are the best online casinos for your particular preferences and the amount of time you have available to clear a bonus. Many sites offer reload bonuses in addition to their promotions and VIP loyalty schemes that can result in a considerably more lucrative experience than the initial first deposit bonus alone.

New Online Casinos

New online casinos are launched all the time, and there are both positives and negatives for trying them out. The positives are that, because new sites have to compete in a competitive market, they often have great promotions and industry-leading software. On the downside, unless the site succeeds in attracting new players, it could close soon after opening.

The likelihood that a recently-opened casino will stay open is improved if the company running the recently-opened casino has a track record of operating successful sites. For this reason, we check the background of each site when compiling our reviews to ensure players´ funds will be secure when they play there and so they can be sure of a fair gaming experience. Underneath you will find four of the latest online casinos that we have added.

Live Dealer Casinos and Mobile Casino Apps

As mentioned above, the team responsible for compiling has many years of testing and reviewing online casino sites. A fairly recent phenomenon is the introduction of live dealer casinos and mobile casino apps. These can add a new dimension to playing casino games online and a greater depth of opportunities.

Not all sites provide live dealer games or mobile casino apps, but where they do you can often find additional bonuses or free games. It is worth checking out these special offers where they are available, because any advantage a player can gain over the house adds extra value to the online casino experience.

New Online Slots

Releases of new online slots are something to look forward to as they often bring something fresh or innovative to the industry. However, some new releases are no more than repackaged games that failed to capture the imagination when they were first released and, because of the money spent developing them, more money is being thrown into marketing them under a new title.

So how can you tell if a new online slot is fresh and innovative, or a failed product with a new cover? One of the benefits of reading a review site such as is that we have plenty of experience playing bad and good slot games – and we are not afraid of calling out the bad ones! You can rely on our experience to sort the good from the bad and ugly. New or not, underneath you will find some of the best online slots. This is just a tiny selection of the more than 100 slots that you can play for free on our site.

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Always Gamble Responsibly

A small portion of the population can be prone to compulsive or otherwise problem gambling habits, and we want to make sure that players are able to get help if they want or need it, so we have put together a list of gambling help resources here to help different people from different areas and background get help.

Frequently asked questions

Is Playing at USA Online Casinos for Real Money Legal?

Playing at USA online casinos for real money is legal provided that you do not reside in a jurisdiction that has specifically prohibited online gambling. There are no federal laws in place that make playing at USA online casinos for real money illegal, but some states have introduced their own anti-gambling legislation.

Is there a Best No Deposit Casino Online?

Our experience has taught us to be cautious if ever we see a “No Deposit Casino Online”. If an offer looks too good to be true, it usually is, and the offer of free casino money raises a red flag in our opinion. Often a site advertising a no deposit casino online offer will have a string of terms and conditions that make withdrawing any winnings difficult if not impossible.

Are Online Casinos Secure?

Most are, but – as with any online transaction – we advise you to take precautions to protect your online security. Always use a unique username and password. Only enter the minimum personal information on your account registration form. Use a separate funding source than is used for your living expenses and never gamble more than you can comfortably afford to lose.

What does a “House Edge” Mean in Casino Language?

The house edge is the percentage a casino wins if equal numbers of bets of equal value are placed on all possible outcomes. For example, in standard single-zero roulette – where there are 37 numbers, but the house only pays 35-to-1 for a winning bet on a single number – the house edge would be just under 2.7% if a player placed a dollar on every individual number.

Why are some Casino Bonuses “Slots-Exclusive”?

Online slots have a lower Return-to-Player (RTP) percentage than most other casino games, so the casino will likely win more money from players than if they were playing baccarat or craps. Because of the lower RTP, casinos are more willing to give bonuses to slots players, as the money they pay in bonuses will likely come back to them as player losses – but not always!

What Genre of Casino Games Give a Player the Best Chance of Winning?

The genres with the highest payout percentages are generally considered to be (highest first) video poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, and slots. However, payout percentages can vary according to the type of game within a genre and its rules. A player´s skill is also a factor, especially when playing blackjack and baccarat.

Why do Casinos have More Slots than Any Other Game?

Slots are easier to learn and more fun to play than most other casino games. Furthermore, there are limitations to how many ways it is possible to play blackjack or bet on roulette. By having a large number of slots, casinos provide players with more variety, more entertainment, and more fun. An online casino that lacked these qualities would not last very long!

What Poker Games can I Play at Online Casinos?

This varies from casino to casino. Some provide a wide selection of poker games such as Caribbean Stud Poker, Texas Hold´em Poker, Three Card Stud, Red Dog and Pai Gow Poker. Others casinos have online poker platforms attached to them at which you can play against other players rather than against the house. Check out our page on online poker for more information.