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Ignition´s Labor Day Mad Monday Schedule Fails to Impress

| Richard Vasquez

Ignition Poker is making a bit of a fuss about its Labor Day Mad Monday schedule; but, on closer analysis, it´s not that good compared to a regular Mad Monday schedule. Indeed, if you look back over the years, the hyped-up schedule has 20 percent less prize money than it had three years ago.

Ignition Poker Tournament

Mad Monday has been a highlight in Ignition Poker´s tournament schedule since the site was launched in 2016. Prior to that, it was a popular event for players at Bovada Poker. Every now and then, Mad Monday coincides with a holiday; and, when it does, you expect something special. Unfortunately, Ignition Poker has failed to deliver with regards to its Labor Day Mad Monday schedule next week.

Compared to a regular Mad Monday schedule, the series of events planned for next Monday´s holiday includes one more tournament than normal, for an increase in guaranteed prize pools of just $500. It´s still worth playing in, but it´s not the bells-ringing, sirens-wailing special event the site is making it out to be. Furthermore, compared with a random Mad Monday schedule picked from 2015, the total amount of money on the tables has decreased by more than 20 percent from $322,000 to $251,000.

Year-by-Year Mad Monday Comparison

I have selected two Mad Monday schedules from 2016 and 2017 and placed them alongside next Monday´s schedule to demonstrate exactly how underwhelming next week´s schedule is. Naturally there a few different events in the schedule that influence the guaranteed prize pools (for example, Event #2 is now a Knockout event), but the side-by-side comparison does not look good.

Mad 2016 2017 2018
Monday Buy-In Guarantee Buy-In Guarantee Buy-In Guarantee
Event 1 $22.00 $8,000 $22.00 $8,000 $22.00 $9,000
Event 2 $5.50 $3,000 $5.50 $3,000 $27.50 $5,000
Event 3 $109.00 $20,000 $109.00 $20,000 $109.00 $20,000
Event 4 $11.00 $8,000 $11.00 $7,000 $11.00 $10,500
Event 5 $55.00 $9,000 $55.00 $9,000 $55.00 $8,000
Event 6 New for 2018 New for 2018 $44.00 $12,000
Event 7 $38.50 $30,000 $38.50 $30,000 $38.50 $35,000
Event 8 $270.00 $100,000 $270.00 $100,000 $270.00 $75,000
Event 9 $44.00 $15,000 $44.00 $12,000 $135.00 $10,000
Event 10 $3.30 $2,000 $3.30 $2,000 $7.70 $4,000
Event 11 $135.00 $25,000 $135.00 $20,000 $162.00 $30,000
Event 12 $60.00 $20,000 $60.00 $20,000 $60.00 $17,000
Event 13 $33.00 $5,000 $33.00 $4,000 $33.00 $4,000
Event 14 $82.00 $15,000 $82.00 $15,000 $82.00 $12,000
Total $868.30 $260,000 $868.30 $250,000 $1,056.70 $251,500


Two things jump out immediately – a 21 percent increase in buy-ins and a $25,000 reduction in the guaranteed prize pool for the “Main Event”. In the Mad Monday schedule I mentioned above from 2015 (the one with $322,000 in prize money) the guarantee for the Main Event was $150,000. In just three years, the guarantee has been halved. You can understand why I am not impressed!

Ignition Poker Should Sell Its Advantages

Anybody looking at this schedule who is not familiar with Ignition Poker will likely take their bankrolls and play Americas Cardroom´s Manic Monday events or even BetOnline´s new midweek schedule. Although neither has a $75,000 guaranteed tournament scheduled for next Monday, both have tournaments with better buy-in-to-prize-pool ratios than Ignition Poker´s Labor Day Mad Monday schedule. And they are not singing and dancing about it. It happens every week.

What Ignition Poker should sing and dance about is that recreational players have a better chance to cash in the Labor Day Mad Monday tournaments because of the site´s anonymous tables. As I mention in my Ignition Poker review, the anonymous model prevents experienced players taking advantage of software aids and “levels the playing field” so those who do not need help to cash in major tournaments have a fair chance of doing so. It´s Ignition Poker´s biggest selling point, so they should be selling it up.

Okay – rant over. The bottom line is Ignition Poker´s Labor Day Mad Monday schedule is okay, but it´s nothing special. There are far more valuable tournaments running this weekend at sites competing with Ignition Poker for players, and if you wanted to give this “special” event a miss, I wouldn´t blame you. However, if you fancy taking on anonymous players and testing your skills for big money on a level playing field, satellites are now running at Ignition Poker with buy-ins starting at $0.55.