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Online Casino Reviews – No Two Online Casinos are the Same

Online Casino ReviewsIf you have visited as many sites as we have in preparing our online casino reviews, you would agree that many are similar, but no two are the same. The choice of games, the quality of the software and the promotions offered by casino providers can make a significant difference to the overall gaming experience.

Furthermore, in the same way as no two online casinos are the same, no two online casino reviews are the same. This is because most reviewers look at a site from the perspective of their own personal preferences and experiences. For this reason we use a team of experienced industry professionals to determine which are the best online casinos for your dollar.

Although each of our experienced industry professionals will naturally have their own personal preferences and experiences, by using a team to compile our online casino reviews – instead of an individual – we believe that we are able to provide a more balanced view of what each casino provider has to offer.

What We Look For When Compiling a Review

We mentioned on our Home Page that the three factors essential for a casino provider to feature in our selection of best online casinos is that they offer a fair gaming experience, a good level of customer support and timely cashouts. Once these three issues have been addressed, our concerns then turn to discovering what lays beneath the headline promotions.

If we believe the headline promotions are realistic, and that the terms and conditions of the promotions are clearly explained, we then investigate some of the less important aspects – the choice of games, the deposit and withdrawal options, and whether or not the casino provider offers the facility to play via a mobile device.

Have We Got Our Priorities Right?

Absolutely. Although game selections, deposit methods and mobile options are considerations, they are not important ones. Say, for example, that one casino provider developed the world´s best game, but you could only play it on a Windows phone and fund your account by Bitcoin. Everybody would be buying a Windows phone and opening Bitcoin accounts.

However, it if subsequently transpired that the game was unfair, that there was no customer support to resolve queries, and that winners had to suffer long delays to get their money – if at all – the game would soon lose its popularity and the casino provider would go out of business.

That is why we prioritize a fair gaming experience, good customer support, and timely cashouts in our online casino reviews. We want players to enjoy their online casino experience in a safe and secure environment, with the only risk of loss being due to the casino games rather than the casino provider.

We hope you agree with our priorities.