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Play Beach Life Slots Online

Beach LifeBeach Life is known as being Playtech’s most popular progressive slot, and it has a fun beach theme with 20 paylines and lots of big wins.

Playtech’s Beach Life Slot Review

Beach Life is the biggest progressive jackpot game that Playtech has ever produced. While the jackpot only starts out at the $50,000 level, it has reached seven figures regularly, and it’s paid out close to $5 million before. The animated style of the game is bright and vibrant, and it brings the summer beach vacation theme to you in a way that feels exciting. This is a particularly high-volatility slot, and it’s one of the rare games that’s still popular that requires a fairly high minimum bet to qualify for the progressive.

Play Beach Life Slot for Free

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Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 20
Bet Sizes $0.50-$10*
Theme Beach, Vacation
Volatility Very High
Features Progressive Jackpot, Instant Win Bonus Round

* Playing at lower than the maximum bet means that you cannot qualify for the progressive jackpot.

Format and Jackpot Qualifying

The basic format used here is pretty common. This is a five-reel, three-row slot with a total of 20 paylines. You do have the option to play with fewer paylines, but if that’s your only way to play this game within your budget, then you should really choose another title because you’ll have a particularly low RTP percentage in that case.

Betting is set up with a static coin size of $0.50 that cannot be changed. You need to play with all 20 paylines activated to qualify for the progressive jackpot, which means a bet size of $10 per spin. That will be outside of the budget of a lot of players, so it’s clear that this game is catering towards medium- and high-stakes players only.

While the game itself is very solid, this older style of qualifying for the jackpot prohibits a lot of players from being able to play. However, this hasn’t kept the game from maintaining a particularly high level of popularity for a long time.

Wild Sun Symbol

On any given spin, the symbol you want to see the most of is the wild sun symbol. It pays the progressive jackpot for players who have all 20 paylines activated when you get five of a kind. If you don’t have all of them activated, then you will earn 100,000 coins, which is always a flat $50,000 prize. This is the base prize of the progressive jackpot itself.

Four wilds gets a smooth 2,000x win, and three will pick up 200x. You can even earn a 10x win with just two of the wilds on an activated payline, but if the corresponding thee of a kind win would be higher, then you’ll be paid that way instead since you always get the largest available payout per payline.

It’s important to realize just how much volatility is created even with the static jackpot of 100,000x. That’s 10 times larger than the second-closest payout available in the game, and that means you won’t get as much in terms of small and medium wins to smooth out the swings. This is definitely a game for players who want to go big or go bust.

Scattered Sand Castle Wins

In many video slots, the scatter symbol is what helps you to earn a bonus feature. That is not the case in the Beach Life slot by Playtech. Instead, you’ll get payouts for two or more of the sand castle scatter anywhere on the reels. Two of a kind pays 2x, three gets 5x and four earns you 50x. Five of a kind is good for a 500x win.

Note that these payouts are all multiplied by the total size of your wager. With all 20 paylines activated, this means that the 500x win for five sand castles is worth the same as a line bet win of 10,000x, making it the second-largest payout in the game (four of the wilds for 2,000x is third place).

Bonus Chest Symbols

There’s a purple chest with gold trim, and the symbol shows it as sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor. In the Beach Life video slot, this is the bonus symbol, and three or more on the reels gives you a bonus round. This is essentially a random payout that will be multiplied by your total bet size, so it’s another case where playing with the maximum bet size available will give you more value than not.

It’s worth noting that there’s no real way to know how much value you’ll get from the bonus feature because it’s randomized between a couple of values. However, the more chests you get, the more value you get from the feature with the way it’s structured.

Mid-Level Payouts and Symbols

There are three symbols in this game that are considered mid-level. They are all different people enjoying the beach in different ways, and they all pay for two of a kind or more. Five of the scuba diver will get you a 500x win, and it drops slightly to 400x for five of the woman in the red bathing suit on the beach. Five of a kind of the surfer in the green shirt gets you a 200x payout.

These mid-range pays don’t hit all that often because of the high volatility, but the fact that you can win with two of a kind or more means that you can pick up some small wins that will keep you floating along longer than if they all required three of a kind or more.

Low-End Food-Based Prizes

Anyone who has went on a summertime vacation can tell you that ice cream is a big part of the fun, and there are five different types of ice cream that you can get on the reels for low-end payouts. Five of the ice cream sandwich gets you a 150x win. You can score 125x for five of the vanilla soft serve with the grape motif. The chocolate with strawberries earns 100x for five, and 75x is available for five of the cherry ice cream in the waffle cone. Last and least is the 50x payout for five of the green, yellow and red freeze pop on a stick.

These symbols fit the motif both in terms of the theme and the graphical style a lot better than card rank symbols would have. Unfortunately, many slots take the lazy approach instead of doing what Playtech did with the Beach Life slot machine in this game when it comes to picking symbols that make sense for the low-end wins.




Playtech’s Beach Life slot machine is a classic game that has been around for a long time, and it’s one of those titles that will probably continue to be popular for years and decades to come. The reason for that is that it gives a particular niche type of gameplay that isn’t covered by many other games, so players who are looking for that style of gameplay have limited options. While it definitely won’t appeal to everyone, as the largest progressive jackpot Playtech has produced and a game that has created a lot of millionaires, it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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