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Birds SlotBirds is a very cute video slot by BetSoft that uses high-level animation with a variety of characters in a game where you match up groups of birds of the same color.

Movies by companies like Pixar have made particular styles of 3D animation very popular, and they are very similar to the type of animation used in the Birds video slot by BetSoft. This game has a set of birds sitting on power lines, and you win by picking up groups of them that match. There are several different characters in this game, and they all have their own characteristic look and behavior. Additionally, the volatility of this game is pretty low, and that creates a relaxing atmosphere for players. This title combines graphics that are on the top tier of what’s available in the industry with a fun style of gameplay to create a very fun, very popular experience for players.

Play Birds Slot for Free

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Format and Layout of the Birds Slot

At first glance, the format of this game looks about as standard as you can get. There are five vertical columns with three horizontal rows to create the usual 15-symbol layout. However, the game does not create wins based on payline wins. Instead, you’ll win if you get three or more of the same bird symbol in a straight line or adjacent to each other in some other configuration. If a matching bird symbol is above, below, to the left or to the right, then it counts as part of the group. However, birds that are only diagonally connected do not count as part of that group for scoring purposes in this game.

Betting is centered around multiples of 25 coins on each spin. You can wager 25, 50, 75, 100 or 125 coins on each spin, and you can pick from a variety of coin sizes. Those sizes start at the $0.02 level, which means the minimum wager per turn is a low $0.50. Along similar lines, you can bet with coins that are as large as $1 apiece, and that makes the maximum bet size $125. This is obviously large enough for high rollers, but the minimum is small enough for just about anyone to be comfortable with, so it’s easy to see that BetSoft made the betting controls to be as flexible and inclusive as they reasonably could.

Birds Slots Game Screenshot

Birds Double Up Feature

Game Help

Flight Re-spin Feature

An important part of the gameplay, and the feature that affects the regular gameplay the most, is the flight re-spin feature. The way this works is that any winning combination in the Birds online slot will see the payout given, and then the birds that made up that winning combination will fly away. The birds already on the screen will fall downward into any empty spots that were created, and new birds will fly to fill in whatever blank spaces are available. Players then get another chance for payouts with what amounts to a type of free re-spin.

This re-spin can happen again if you get another win, so you can literally end up with several re-spins all for free on one paid spin in this game. That means lots of multi-line payouts are available for the cost of one spin, and it also means that the hit-rate is higher than it may seem at first in this game.

Free Flights Meter and Feature

There’s a meter on the left-hand side of the reels, and it gives you an indication of how many flight re-spins you’ve gotten on a single spin. If you get that up high enough within one spin, then the Birds online slot triggers what amounts to a free spins bonus feature. Your number of free turns for the feature is based on how many re-spins you got, which the game calls flights.

Four flights means eight free spins. That increases to 12 free spins for five flights, and that increases yet again so that six flights earns you 20 free spins. If you get seven or more, then the game handles this by giving you a base of 14 free spins plus the number of flights you got on the triggering spin. This means seven flights gives 21 free spins, eight gives 22, nine gives 23 and so on.

We want to point out that you can re-trigger this feature repeatedly with no limit whatsoever by getting four or more flights (ie: four re-spins from the above flight feature) on a single spin, which means this bonus round has a tremendous amount of overall value.

Free Spins

Wild Bird Symbol

The very first symbol you need to know about is the wild. It’s a slightly larger bird than the rest, and it’s all different colors with green around the eyes, yellow hair on top, a white and purple belly, etc. This wild symbol counts for any of the other 10 bird symbols in the game. If it can be a part of multiple winning combinations, then it will count for every single one of them instead of only counting for the largest one. This is an advantage that the Birds video slot has over a lot of other online slots since many of them will only let a wild count for the single-largest available win.

Wild Bird

How the Birds Video Slot Payouts Work

You don’t use paylines in this game, as we have mentioned above. Instead, you get combinations of birds in connected groups that are adjacent horizontally or vertically. This lends itself to a different type of payout structure that isn’t based on getting a particular number of birds on a line. Instead, your wins are based on the value of each bird and how many birds are in the given group.

For example, if a bird is worth 20 coins, and you have five birds in a group, then you’ll win 100 coins for that group. You essentially multiply the coin value of the bird by how many birds are in that group to get your total win. Another way to think about it is that you get paid once for each bird in any group that’s created, so larger groups are naturally worth more in terms of winnings.

The Values of the Different Birds

The yellow bird with the crazy feathers on its head is the bird that you really want to pay attention to because it’s the most valuable. It’s worth 100x apiece, and since you need at least three for a group, you’ll always earn a minimum of 300x for wins with this bird. The red bird with the military hat on is worth 25x, and the orange bird with huge eyes and a baseball cap is worth 20x.

The yellow bird gets you 15x apiece, and you can pick up 8x for each of the green birds with the glasses. The goofy purple bird gets you 4x as well, but it’s 3x for either the pink bird or the blue one with headphones. The black and white birds each are worth 2x in winning groups.

Birds Slot Standard Payouts



In Summary

The Birds online slot is one of BetSoft’s most popular games because it looks great and provides a different type of format than what players are used to. The features work with this atypical format in a way that makes a lot of sense as well. The overall result is a very relaxing experience for players, making this the perfect game for hanging out and unwinding.

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