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Play Cuckoo Slots Online

Cuckoo SlotThe Cuckoo slot by Endorphina is based on a unique interpretation of cuckoo clocks with great graphics and gameplay.

The idea of a cuckoo clock is that a small bird slips out and yelps whenever the time hits certain intervals like the top of the hour. Cuckoo is a video slot by Endorphina that plays on this concept with a combination of decorated eggs and a clock theme. The graphics in this game are intricate and gorgeous, and it definitely has a high level of visual appeal. Along these lines, the game also has strong gameplay elements as well.

Play Cuckoo Slot for Free

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Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 10
Bet Sizes $0.10 – $100
Theme Cuckoo Clock
Volatility High
Features Clock Bonus, Scatters, Mixed Wins

Format and Layout of the Cuckoo Slot

Whenever you get your first look at this game, you’ll see it clearly has five reels and three rows. There are also 10 paylines, and while that might not seem like many, it fits into the gameplay in a way that makes a lot of sense. The graphics have a blue and white theme to them, which is common with porcelin eggs (which this game is also based around).

Bet sizes are extremely flexible, and you have the ability to really narrow down the bet size you want in this game to a high degree. Players pick coin values that go from $0.01 at the low end to $1 each on the high end, and with the 10 paylines, you also have the ability to bet as many as 10 coins on each line. This means your betting range is 10 coins to 100 coins per spin, and the overall betting values go from $0.10 to $100 per spin as well.

Screenshot of the Cuckoo Slot

Clock Bonus Feature

Whenever you get three of the scattered clock symbols anywhere on the game board, you’ll be taken to a second screen for the Clock Bonus Feature. The way this works is that an alarm is set on the clock for a random time that you won’t knock. You can move the hand forward to get a larger payout, but doing so also increases your chances of hitting the alarm.

This takes place in steps. If you go forward one step, and the alarm doesn’t go off, then you’ll get the option to take another step and so on. You can pick up a payout worth as much as 2,400 times your entire bet in this game, which is like a 24,000x line bet win, and that’s an enormous jackpot. You’ll get bigger and bigger prizes in this game as you move through the steps as well.

Cuckoo Slot Bonus Clock

Card Rank Symbols

There are two main sets of symbols in this game, and one of those is the card rank symbols. They cover the A, K, Q and J symbols, and all of those symbols are presented with a gorgeous font with bold, white letters that fit the porcelin egg aspect of the theme extremely well.

Five of a kind of either the A or K symbols will reward you with a 150x payout. You can also win 100x in the Cuckoo online slot for five of a kind with the Q or J. These are the lowest normal wins in the game, and it’s cool to see that they still pay out pretty reasonable wins. The trade-off, however, is that the volatility is pretty high, and you’ll see why with the remainder of the pay table.

Top Egg Symbols

The three main symbols in this game are all eggs. It’s important to the quality of your gameplay that you learn which egg results in which payouts. The golden egg with blue flowers is the highest-paying symbol in the game, and it gets you a 5,000x top jackpot when you line up five on an activated payline.

In addition to this, you’ll have the black egg with blue flowers. It pays 2,500x for five of a kind. Finally, you have the blue and white eggs with larger, white flowers on them. Five of this third egg wins 1,000x. It’s worth noting that four of the golden egg with blue flowers will also get you a 1,000x win, so you have four different ways to pick up four-figure prizes with these three symbols.

All three of these symbols, like all of the symbols in the game, require at least three of a kind to win.

Risk Game

Mixed Egg Payouts

A very important feature in this game is the mixed egg payouts. This is a type of feature that you normally only see in classic slots, but Endorphina’s Cuckoo online slot has them as well.

The way this works is that you’ll get payouts for lining up any mixture of eggs that aren’t all the same. Three of a kind in a mixed egg payout gets you 10x, and four pays 20x. You can also score 50x for five of a kind. Mind you that this is lower than the wins for the card rank symbols, but they are also easier to get because of the mixed symbol aspect of the winning combinations.

We want to point out that all of the symbols in the mixed egg combinations do not have to be different, and they don’t have to contain all three of the different eggs. To clarify how these payouts work: If you have a set of three or more eggs on a payline, and they aren’t all the same, then you’ll win with a mixed egg payout instead.

A Note on Volatility

This game has a high volatility, but it won’t seem like that from the first glance. Because it only has seven paying symbols, and because it has mixed payouts that increase your hit-rate, it’s easy to mistake this for a game that has a low-to-medium volatility instead.

The reason for the high volatility is two-fold. First, there is a ton of value tied up in the bonus feature, especially with the ability to win a top prize worth several times larger than the highest regular pay table win. Second, there is a lot of value tied up in the top payouts on the normal pay table with four ways to win four figures.

The swings in the Cuckoo online slot have the potential to be severe because of these factors. However, with the ability to bet with such low increments, a lot of that is mitigated by choosing smaller bet sizes than you normally would and playing longer sessions to compensate.

Cuckoo Slot Payouts



In Summary

With the Cuckoo online slot, Endorphina has put together a great-looking game with very intricate graphics. You will be very hard-pressed to find a slot with a similar theme, which also gives them points for individuality and creativeness. The high volatility will appeal to a lot of players, but the great visuals and value-packed pay table will appear to virtually everyone.

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