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Diamond Dragon

Diamond Dragon SlotDiamond Dragon is a video slot by Rival Gaming with a medieval, dragon-fighting theme and several bonus features, including two different free spin modes.

Rival Gaming’s Diamond Dragon Slot Review

The idea of going out and fighting a dragon to get treasure and save a woman has been seen in a wide range of different mythologies. Many think that all different cultures have these types of stories in their folklore because of what it means as a set of symbols, but you don’t need much symbolism to see how the Diamond Dragon video slot by Rival Gaming can get you some major payouts. There’s a lot of cash at stake with the numerous bonus features and balanced pay table, and you’ll also find that the graphics are fairly strong as well.

Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 50
Bet Sizes $0.50 – $125
Theme Medieval
Volatility Low
Features Free Spins Super Round, Expanding Wild, Wild Multipliers, Diamond Pick Bonus

Format and Layout of the Diamond Dragon Slot

The format we’re dealing with here uses five reels and three rows. There are a whooping 50 paylines, all of which pay left-to-right only, and that gives you several dozen opportunities to win on each spin. Betting is set up so that you can wager up to 10 coins on each payline for between 50 and 500 coins on each spin, and the coin sizes themselves range from $0.01 to $0.25 each. That puts the overall range of available betting at $0.50 on the minimum end and $125 on the maximum end.

On the left-hand and right-hand sides of the reels, you’ll notice arrows up and down beside of the number of active paylines. You want this number to always be the maximum of 50. Playing with fewer than 50 is a bad idea because the RTP of the game will drop down. Keeping the RTP percentage as high as possible maximizes the chances of coming out on top, so you don’t want to kneecap yourself by lowering it unnecessarily.

Expanding Wild Dragon Symbol

There’s a red dragon with a lot of really huge teeth showing, and he’s the dragon from the title of the Diamond Dragon video slot. He’s the wild symbol, and he gives you a chance to get some extra payouts. The reels he shows up on and the multipliers he gives you will vary depending on if you’re playing from the regular mode or if you’re in one of the two free spins modes. The bottom line is that you can’t get winning combinations from this wild regardless, but you can get them on the first and second reels with a 1x multiplier in the regular game, which can still help you to get combinations you wouldn’t have picked up without him.

Whenever he appears, no matter if you’re in the regular game or a bonus round, he’ll always expand to cover the entire reel if it’ll help you to get other wins you would have missed. This is a very helpful feature since he always appears on the first two reels no matter which game mode you’re in.

Free Spins Bonus Round

When you’re in the regular game mode of the Diamond Dragon online slot, you’ll really want to look out for the golden axe symbol. It acts as a scattered bonus symbol, and three or more anywhere on the game board will trigger a feature. Three of a kind earns 10 free spins, and four of a kind will get you a set of 20 free spins. You can make it 50 free spins if you line up five of a kind, which is a tremendous amount of value just waiting to happen.

A big reason these free spins are so value-packed is that the behavior of the wild dragon symbol changes. During these free turns, you’ll get the wild on the third reel as well as the first two, and it will give you a 2x multiplier on any win that uses it. On top of that, it still expands like it does in the normal game to give you even more opportunities to get paid off.

Diamond Dragon Super Round

You can think of the super round as the “final stage” of this game because it’s the furthest you can get into the bonus features. You get into this round by getting three or more of the platinum axe symbol during the free spins mode, and that’s the only time the platinum axe shows up. You’ll always get five super round spins, but you’ll also get an instant payout multiplied by your total bet size. Three of the platinum axe pays 1x, four pays 2x and five gets you 10 times your total wager.

During the super round, you get some major goodies with the wild dragon. It shows up on the first four reels in this mode, and it also continues to expand to cover the entire reel if it’ll help you to get other payouts you would have otherwise missed. Additionally, its multiplier increases from the 2x in the free spins mode to 3x in the super round, and that means huge wins waiting for you in a major way.

Diamond Pick Bonus Feature

There is a diamond symbol that appears in the regular game. It shows up on the first, third and fifth reels only. When you get three of them on the reels at the same time, you get to pick one of them for an instant win that can be worth several times your total wager. They will also give you scatter wins of up to 10x to add to your total, and that’s also multiplied by your overall wager.

High-end Symbols and Prizes

The symbol set used in this game has two distinct tiers. The top tier begins with the purple potion, and five of a kind will get you 600x. Keep in mind that this can be as high as 1,800x with the wild multipliers. A golden cup gets you 500x for five of a kind also. From there, the wins drop down to the 400x level for a five-of-a-kind combination of the princess that you’re trying to save from the dragon.

The rest of the upper tier of payouts consists of three different knights. The redheaded knight earns 300x for five, and the blond will pay out 160x for five on a payline. Five of the knight with black hair and silver armor will get you a win worth 120x. All of these payouts are pretty balanced.

Low-level Wins and Payouts

The lowest level of symbols consists of six different card rank symbols. They have been styled in a very serious font that reflects the fight to the death going on with the dragon in this game. The Diamond Dragon online slot’s card rank symbols fit in with the rest of the look and the feel of the game rather well.

The A and K are worth 100x each for five of a kind. You can pick up a prize worth 80x for five-of-a-kind combinations of the Q, and it drops down to 50x for five of the J symbol. The 10 and 9 symbols give you 40x and 20x, respectively, when you get five on an activated payline.



In Summary

The Diamond Dragon online slot is popular because of the strong medival theme that was handled really well graphically combined with a fast-paced play style and a high hit-rate. This is the kind of game that can very quickly become one of a player’s favorites and enter their permanent rotation because of the great combination of visuals and the gameplay experience, and that’s why it’s held such a strong position as one of Rival’s most popular titles since it was released.

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