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God of Wealth – RTG Video Slot

God of WealthThe God of Wealth video slot by Realtime Gaming has some big top jackpots with a free spins feature that adds extra wilds.

There are a ton of different figures from the mythologies of Asian cultures that aren’t that well-known in the Western world, and Realtime Gaming’s God of Wealth slot draws upon one of them as the theme and basis of the game. You’ll see a beautiful garden and forest scene behind the reels as you play, and the music fits the Asian theme perfectly. This game has a lot to offer from a gameplay perspective as well with strong features and a few big jackpot prizes.

Play God of Wealth Slot for Free

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Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 25
Bet Sizes $0.01 – $6.25
Theme Chinese
Volatility Medium
Features Free Spins

Layout and Format of the God of Wealth Slot

This game has five reels and three rows. The 25-payline format is used with an intuitive betting setup based on one coin per payline at all times. Players have the option of playing with fewer than 25 paylines, but we have to recommend against that since it will hurt their RTP. Aside from that, coins range from $0.01 to $0.25 apiece. This means that your minimum bet size per spin is $0.25, and your maximum is $6.25. This covers most players at most stakes with no problem.

God of Wealth Slots Game Screenshot

Scattered Gold Ingot

During the normal game, the symbol that you’ll want to pay attention to the most is the gold ingot. It looks sort of like two golden crowns sitting on top of each other, and it’s a scatter. Five of a kind anywhere in the God of Wealth video slot will get you a 200x win, and that’s multiplied by your whole bet, not just your line bet wager. This is like a 5,000x line bet win, and it’s the largest jackpot available in the regular game.

Players can also pick up 10x for four of a kind or 1x for two of a kind. There is no payout for three of a kind because of how the free spins bonus feature is structured below.

Scattered Gold Ingot

Free Spins Bonus Round

Players who get three or more of the scattered gold ingot will also get a free spins bonus feature in addition to any payouts listed above. You’ll get a random number of free spins for each ingot worth as much as 10 apiece, so you can get up to 30 for three of them, up to 40 for four and up to 50 free spins for five of this scatter symbol.

During the free spins, the wild God of Wealth symbol takes on some important characteristics that open up opportunities for the biggest payouts in the entire game.

Free Spins

Wild God of Wealth Symbol

In the normal game, the wild symbol only appears on the middle reel. However, when you’re in the free spins bonus feature, he appears on all five reels, and he gives you chances for some pretty significant payouts. In and out of the feature, however, he acts as a 2x wild multiplier, so any payout that includes at least one of these wilds will get you a win twice the normal size.

When you’re in the free spins feature, you have a chance to win a 10,000x jackpot for five of a kind of this wild. Four on an activated payline gets you 2,500x, and three is worth 250x. You’ll also have a 25x prize available for just two of a kind lined up.

Inside of the feature, this wild showing up on the middle reel will also give you additional wilds. The way this works is that each of the dragon, ox and tiger symbols on the screen will turn into wilds, and this gives you a much better chance to hit those big payouts that we just listed above.

Wild & Scatter


The Lucky 8 Symbols

The number 8 is lucky in Chinese culture in the same way that the number 7 is lucky in many Western cultures. The significance of the number 8 is that the word for it there is similar to the word for wealth or fortune, so it’s considered a particularly lucky number. The low-tier symbols in the God of Wealth online slot are all the number eight in different colors.

There are two groups of these lucky number eights. The green, gold and silver ones are in the first group, and each of them pay 250x for five of a kind. This doubles to 500x with a wild. The second group is the orange, copper and teal ones, and they pay half of the first group with 125x for five and 250x for five with a wild. All of the lucky 8 symbols pay for three of a kind or more.

Progressive Jackpot Prizes

The God of Wealth online slot includes a progressive jackpot, but there are a few things about this jackpot that players should know. First, the jackpot can be won by anyone on any real money spin for any size wager. Second, the chances of winning the jackpot increase or decrease according to your bet size, so if you were to double the size of your bet, for example, you would double your chances of hitting the jackpot on any given spin. This is in place to keep things fair for players at various levels of stakes.

Finally, the jackpot starts off at the $1,000 level. It gets bigger and bigger over time until a player wins it. Once it’s won, it goes back to the $1,000 level, and the cycle starts all over again.

Progressive Jackpot

Important Payouts and Prizes

The dragon symbol is the best regular-paying symbol in the God of Wealth video slot. It pays out 5,000x for five of a kind. However, don’t forget that this will be doubled to 10,000x if you use a wild symbol to make the combination because of the 2x multiplier. Next up is the tiger symbol, and it gives you a 2,500x win for five (or 5,000x with a wild).

The bull pays you 500x when you get five of a kind, and you can also earn 300x for five of the puppet dragon head or five of the lantern. Payouts for all three of these symbols can also be doubled to 1,000x and 600x, respectively, if you include a wild symbol to make the winning combo. All of these five symbols pay for two of a kind or more.

God of Wealth Payout Symbols



In Summary

Anyone who is familiar with the online slot industry can tell you that there are a lot of games with generic Asian themes. The God of Wealth video slot by Realtime Gaming is not one of those. It’s based around a very specific figure from Chinese mythology, and all of the symbols in the game have a specific importance to the story of that figure.

In terms of graphics, this game is adequate, but it’s the gameplay itself that really drives the experience home. A smart use of different types of features and ways to win have been woven into the fabric of this slot to help build a very strong experience for players.

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