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Kawaii Kitty Slot Machine

Kawaii KittyThe Kawaii Kitty slot by BetSoft features a cute kitten theme with 10 paylines of action that pay in both directions. Gameplay is dominated by expanding wilds and a re-spin feature that makes it easier to get paid over and over again on the same spin.

If you are the type of player who likes cute things, then the Kawaii Kitty online slot by BetSoft is the type of game that you will love. Kawaii translates to “cute” in Japanese, and this game uses a distinct Japanese kawaii twist on a cat theme. As is the case with virtually all games from this software developer, the graphics are tremendous, and the gameplay is set up to be relatively simple while still providing a lot of excitement. This game is definitely geared towards players who want to sit back and relax with something fun, but the pay structure means you get frequent wins as well.

Play Kawaii Kitty Slot for Free

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Format and Layout of the Kawaii Kitty Slot

Every game’s format will be the first thing that helps to set the mood and feel for how the slot plays. With this title, it starts from the five-reel, three-slow layout with 10 paylines. These lines pay both left-to-right and right-to-left, so you’ll have more opportunities to get paid than usual, which is a key component of the gameplay as a whole.

kawaii Kitty Slot

For the betting, you can wager $0.01 on each payline for a minimum bet size of $0.10 per turn. However, you can wager as many as 10 coins per line, and those coins are worth a maximum of $1 apiece. When you combine those things, you get a top bet size of $100 per turn, so high rollers will have plenty of bet sizes that fit what they are looking for, and the same goes for players at the lower levels of stakes.

Kawaii Kitty Screenshot

Low-volatility Gameplay Style

Something that’s really important to understand about the Kawaii Kitty video slot is that the gameplay style is all about having a high hit-rate, a low volatility and a relaxing overall feel. You aren’t going to get some kind of tremendous, action-packed environment here, and you can see with this title that BetSoft has geared things towards one specific type of experience. It may not be what every player is looking for, but most players can enjoy this type of game some percentage of the time.

Expanding Wild Yarn Symbols

Cats are known to love to play with balls of yarn, and it makes perfect sense that the yarn is the wild symbol in this game. It does not have its own payouts like the wilds do in some slots, and a part of that is that it only appears on the second, third and fourth reels in this game. However, it does help you to get winning combinations that you would have missed otherwise, and this affect is doubled thanks to having the paylines give you wins in both directions.

These wild symbols also expand every single time that they appear on the reels, and this gives you even more opportunities to get paid. As you can see with the general structure of the slot and with this expanding wild feature, things are geared towards giving players a lot of ways to win over and over on the same spin. That’s common in games with a relaxation-style focus, but it works out really well in the Kawaii Kitty video slot because it’s particular well put together.

Wild Yarn Symbols - Expandnig Wilds & Respins

Re-spin Feature

Whenever you get an expanding wild on the reels, your wins are awarded to you as usual. However, the wild reels will then stay in place while the other reels spin to give you a chance at even more payouts. If another wild comes onto the reels during that re-spin, the process continues with all wild reels being held until no new wilds appear. It’s clear that this is a great value, but it also doesn’t really interrupt the regular gameplay like a typical free spins bonus feature would, and you can see how that helps to hold together the relaxation-based experience that this slot focuses on.

Double Up Gamble Game

After each win, you’ll have an opportunity to play a double up gamble game with your winnings. You can bet half of your win or your entire win, and you’ll have a 50 percent chance to double the portion that you have wagered along with a 50 percent chance of losing what you wagered. This part of the game has an even money bet at even odds, meaning it’s completely fair with no house advantage. You always get the option to pick this or not, and it’s never forced on you.

Kawaii Kitty's Double Up Gamble Game

Top-level Payouts

There are two symbols in this game that offer the highest payouts. The first is the carton of milk, and it pays 250x for five, 200x for four and 50x for three of a kind. The other is the green brush, and it’ll give you 120x for five on a payline, 60x for four and 25x for three. These are balanced payouts that are pretty reasonable considering how easy it is to get multiple wins on the same spin.

What’s important to realize as well is that five-of-a-kind combinations are paid twice since they pay in both directions. If you line up five of the milk cartons, for example, you actually win 500x total as a result of being paid twice for the same winning combination.

Other Wins and Prizes

You can score 60x for five of a kind of the mouse toy symbol, and the pair of fish get you 50x for five. Five of the bow is also worth 40x, but 25x prizes are available for lining up five of the can of tuna or the orange bowl of dry cat food.

Keep in mind that these wins might seem a bit on the small side, but that’s because the Kawaii Kitty online slot has such a seriously high hit-rate.

Kawaii Kitty Line Wins



In Summary

One of the things that you have to understand about the Kawaii Kitty video slot is that it’s designed to serve a specific purpose within the overall BetSoft portfolio. If you’re familiar with their game selection as a whole, they have a lot of titles that are super serious. From a thematic standpoint, this game provides some balance in their overall selection that is very much needed and very much understandable overall.

Aside from that, they also provide balance on the gameplay front. They’re known for having most of their games in the medium volatilty range with a few titles in the particularly high volatility level with some big payouts and huge swings. What this title does is break away from those patterns in terms of overall play style by giving players a very serious frequency of low and medium prizes, and this starts with the format and continues with the expanding wild re-spin feature. Everything about this game is designed to fit into a certain gameplay space, and they’ve done an excellent job with it along these lines.

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