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Legend of the Nile Slot

Legend of the NileThe Legend of the Nile slot by BetSoft uses an Egyptian mythology theme with three key deities: Ra, Anubis and Isis. Each of them helps you to earn a set of free spins, and you can also get a sizable progressive jackpot along with the Exploding Wins feature for more pays.

The play style of the Legend of the Nile video slot by BetSoft is a big different than what you typically find with online slots. It’s set up to give players a very exciting approach to play along with some strong features and an accumulation style of play where you try to fill power bars to trigger different bonus rounds. It’s a fun approach and puts a different spin on the Egyptian mythology theme that’s used here. That theme is used quite a bit in slots overall, but this title stands out in a major way because it doesn’t go down the same old path of how these titles are usually handled.

Play Legend of the Nile Slot for Free

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Format of the Legend of the Nile Slot

It doesn’t take but a glance to realize that this game’s layout is atypical. There aren’t usual reels and paylines in this game. Instead, there is a six-by-six grid with six columns and six rows of symbols, and you’ll win by matching up clusters of symbols that are adjacent to each other horizontally and vertically. With no traditional payline structure, you’ll just bet multiples of 30 coins each spin, which is pretty much in line with the usual levels of bet sizes.

Legend of the Nile Slot Screenshot

You can multiply that bet by up to five times its normal value for as many as 150 coins being wagered on each spin. Those coins can individually be changed to be worth $0.01 to $1, so you can actually bet from $0.30 to $150 per spin. If that’s not a wide enough betting range for you, then you are definitely in the tiny minority of players.

Double Up Game Feature

Exploding Cluster Wins

Four or more of the same symbol touching each other horizontally or vertically (though they don’t have to be in a straight line) creates a cluster win. The payout is given for that win, and then those symbols explode. That allows more symbols to fall down into place on the game board, and then the process of giving you payouts that explode continues until there are no new wins to award. It’s a smart way of providing a ton of action, and it actually plays into the gameplay really well since you’ll want to get as many individual payouts as possible to maximize your chances of getting a bonus feature in the Legend of the Nile online slot.

Exploding Cluster Wins

Pyramids Wild Symbols

The symbol with the great pyramids on it is wild, and you’ll be able to win at least 50x for four of a kind. The payouts get bigger depending on how big the win is until you get to the point that you can get paid 1,500x for a cluster of between 10 and 19 wilds. A cluster of 20 or more gives you a strong static jackpot worth 6,000x, one of the largest available wins in the entire game.

What’s important to note is that this wild does not substitute for Ra, Anubis or Isis. You’ll see why down below.

Pyramid Wild

Anubis Trail and Isis Trail Features

Two of the three Egyptian deities represented on the left-hand side of the reels work pretty much the same way. Isis is the woman with the red, blue and gold helmet, and Anubis is the purple jackal that has a purple and gold headdress. Each of these have similar, but not identical, payouts, which each include a 5,000x jackpot for a cluster of 20 or more. However, they both are tied to a free spins bonus round as well.

Anubis Trail and Free Spins

Every winning Isis or Jackal cluster pushes the respective meter on the left-hand side of the reels forward a few notches. When it’s full, you’ll get a bonus feature where that deity’s symbol becomes worth a lot more. In the Anubis free spins feature, you’ll find that 20 or more of Anubis will give you a payout of 20,000x. For Isis, this payout becomes 15,000x. There’s no denying that these are huge payouts, and it’s a smart way of incorporating these figures in the Legend of the Nile video slot.

Isis Trail & Free Spins

Ra Power Bar, Jackpot and Free Spins

The third deity on the Legend of the Nile video slot is Ra, and he’s the bird wearing the green and gold headdress. His power bar works a little differently than the trails listed above, and it’s actually easier to get his free spins. Whenever you get eight spots on the power bar, you’ll pick up eight free spins. You can add up to seven more free spins to that, but if you get 17 spots on the bar, you’ll pick up a static jackpot worth 400 times your total win. Make it to 20x, and you get the progressive jackpot listed at the top-left corner of the game screen.

Ra Power Bar, Free Spins & Ra Jackpock

With the free spins mode, you’ll get multipliers on your wins that are essentially random.

With the Ra Power Bar, everything is based on how many Ra symbols you’ve gotten in wins on that particular spin and with the exploding cluster wins. The standard pays are pretty small, but you can get paid even for just one of these symbols anywhere on the reels, and it’s easily the most important symbol in the whole game.

Legend of the Nile Free Spins Award

Other Symbols and Payouts

Players will find seven other symbols in the game. The bird with the purple gem and King Tut each get you 3,000x for a cluster of 20 or more. The eye of Ra and the ankh are worth 1,500x for a 20-symbol cluster or larger. Finally, there are three other tile symbols with water, plants or a bird, and they get you between 450x and 300x for 20 and up on an individual win.

Legend of the Nile Symbol Payouts



In Summary

The Legend of the Nile online slot is an excellent example of something that BetSoft is known for: taking a fairly standard type of slot theme and turning it into something great. They’ve done this through strong graphics, a tight visual appeal and gameplay that’s atypical and centered around a tremendous amount of action.

A lot of different types of players enjoy this game because it doesn’t quite fit into any of the normal slot niches that people usually think of. If you like any kind of online slot at all, then this is definitely a game you should check out, especially if you like a lot of action.

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