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Samurai Split Slot

Samurai SplitThe Samurai Split video slot by NYX Gaming has 25 paylines with a split symbol feature and up to 480 free spins at a time.

The Samuri Split online slot is a game produced by NYX Gaming. It has a samurai theme, obviously, but this theme is used to drive the features instead of just being a decoration for a generic, bland game like what you find with a lot of other titles that use this type of motif. You’ll find that this slot has a low volatility, which makes it great for players who don’t like a lot of big swings in their play sessions. However, unlike many titles that have a volatility on the lower end, there are still opportunities to get paid off with some pretty big wins.

Play Samurai Split Slot for Free

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Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 25
Bet Sizes $0.40 – $100
Theme Samurai
Volatility Low
Features Split Symbols, Free Spins, Warrior Spins

Format of the Samurai Split Slot

This samurai-themed online slot uses a pretty standardized format. You’ll find that there are 25 paylines, which are static, spread across a set of five reels. These reels have three symbols each, and those symbols create three distinct rows. This isn’t a game layout that reaches outside of the box, but you’ll find that the feature set makes that largely irrelevant.

Because the volatility is on the lower end, you’ll have the opportunity to play for higher stakes than maybe you’d be comfortable with in other titles. Players can wager one coin per payline at all times, so you always have 25 coins in play. Those coins range in value from $0.01 to $2.50 apiece, so your overall available range of bets goes from $0.40 to $100 per turn.

Samurai Split Slot Game Screenshot

Wild Explosion Symbols

The wild symbol has an explosion in the background with the word “wild” spelled out in golden letters. This is a symbol that you’ll find on all five of the reels, and the only symbol it doesn’t substitute for is the scatter, which is standard in video slots. Five wilds on a payline gets you the top regular pay of 500x. You’ll also have a 100x win available for lining up four of a kind of this wild if it won’t make a five-of-a-kind win that has a larger payout. Wins of 25x and 5x are available in the Samurai Split video slot for three of a kind and two of a kind, respectively, with the same sort of caveat.

Wild Explosion Symbol

Scattered Flag Symbol

The rolled up flag symbol is the scatter in this slot, and it’s arguably the most important symbol in the whole game. Five of a kind will reward you with a win worth 625 times your total bet, the largest individual payout you can get. Moreover, you’ll have payouts of 50x and 25x for four of a kind and three of a kind, respectively, of the scatter symbol anywhere on the game board. These scatter wins are all multiplied by your total bet size and not by the line bet wager.

Scatter & Free Games

Free Spins Bonus Round

The Samurai Split online slot has a pretty solid free spins feature. Getting three or more of the scatter will award five, 10 or 15 free spins, depending on how many scatters you used to trigger the feature. One of the main things to understand about this feature is that you can get better pays on average because only the top five regular-paying symbols appear on the reels during this feature, aside from the scatter and wild. That means no low-level symbols getting in the way of high-level payouts, so the free spins are worth significantly more than their normal counterparts.

20 Free Spins at Samurai Split

Warrior Spin Feature

On any given spin, awarded at random, you can be given what’s called a Warrior Spin in this game. The basic idea is that you get the perks of the free spins symbol set without having to activate the feature. You’ll still pay for that spin, but you have a random chance to only have the wild, the scatter and the five highest-paying normal symbols appear on the reels, giving you better average wins by a significant margin.

Warrior Spin Feature

Split Symbol Bonus

The defining feature of the Samurai Split video slot is the Split Symbol bonus. Any symbol that’s part of a win can have a samurai appear and split it in two. This effectively applies a 2x multiplier to any payout or prize you get from any winning combination that symbol uses. Multiple split symbols in the same combination give you progressively higher multipliers of 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x or 32x.

One thing that makes this such a great feature is that it applies to the number of free spins you get when scatters are split. For example, if you picked up four scatters for what would normally be 10 free spins, if two of those scatters were split, you’d be hit with a 4x multiplier on the payout for those symbols, but you’d also get 4x the number of free spins for a total of 40.

Split Symbol Bonus

High-Paying Symbol Set

Aside from the wild and scatter, each of which provides a good value, there are five other high-level symbols. The samurai himself is obviously important in the Samurai Split online slot, and five of a kind of this guy pays out 250x. You can also earn 200x for five of the temple symbol. Along with the wild symbol, these two symbols pay out for two of a kind or more, and you’ll need at least three of anything else to get paid.

Five of the samurai on horseback earns 125x. This is the same payout for five of a kind of the sword symbol. Five of the bottle symbol with a rope tied around the end will get you 100x in this game.

Samurai Split Payout Symbols

Card Rank Symbols

NYX Gaming has made it really easy to remember all of the card rank payouts. Five of the purple A is worth 75x. However, the win is 50x for five of the red K, orange Q, blue J or yellow 10. You can see from these prizes and the payouts for the high-end symbols that the pay table as a whole is fairly flat and balanced. This is a major reason why the volatility is as low as it is, and that’s in spite of the chances to get multipliers as high as 32x.



In Summary

NYX Gaming’s Samurai Split slot provides a solid twist on the usual samurai-themed game, and that twist connects the concept of the slot with the gameplay in a very solid way. The feature set is in-depth enough to be exciting without being overwhelming, and this leads to a play style that is generally smooth with some excitement thrown in with the split symbols, Warrior Spins and free spin opportunities. Overall, this is an important part of their portfolio as a whole, and it suits exactly the type of experience a lot of players are looking for.

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