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Sirens’ Serenade

Sirens' Serenade SlotThe Sirens’ Serenade slot by Saucify is about the sirens from Greek mythology, and it uses 25 paylines with free spins, multipliers and more.

There are two main reasons that an online slot will become popular. The first is that it’s graphics are great, and the second is that the gameplay is outstanding. In the case of the Sirens’ Serenade slot by Saucify, you get a strong degree of both. This game is based around the sirens from Greek mythology who would sing to effectively hypnotize sailors into steering their ships into rocks, and they are an important figure in mythology overall. This game combines several gameplay-driven features with very solid graphics to give players a good experience overall.

Play Sirens' Serenade Slot for Free

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Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 25
Bet Sizes $0.25 – $31.25
Theme Sirens at Sea
Volatility Medium
Features Stacked Wilds, Free Spins, Multipliers

Format and Layout of the Sirens’ Serenade Slot

Saucify has used a very solid format as the foundation for this game so that players get the best experience possible, and that’s a part of the reason it has reached the levels of popularity that it’s currently at. You’ll get five reels and three rows, the usual video slot format, and you’ll also have 25 paylines.

Make sure that you keep the number of paylines at 25. You may be tempted to lower them to customize a bet size, but this is a big mistake. Your return to player percentage will drop significantly if you do this, so keep it at 25, and use the other controls to lower or raise your bet size however you see fit.

You can wager with coins that go as high as $0.25, and you can bet as many as five of them per payline. Along these lines, your max bet is $31.25 per spin, which covers virtually all players. The lowest coin size is $0.01, so you have a very low $0.25 minimum bet size per turn, which is completely reasonable and inclusive for penny players.

Stacked Wild Siren Symbol

A key aspect of the mythology surrounding the sirens is that it’s not completely clear how many of them there were. Humans didn’t exactly have regular contact with them, and accounts of how many sirens actually existed varies. There were definitely at least two, and the Sirens’ Serenade video slot reflects that with the stacked siren wild symbol. This symbol always appears as twice as tall as the usual symbols, so when one appears, you’re getting much better chances for multi-line wins.

On top of that, you’ll get opportunities for some significant payouts as well. The sirens promised riches and a pretty good time, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with winning combinations that use them. Five of a kind pays a strong 1,500x, and four gets you 600x. Just three of a kind is still good enough for a 200x win, and you’ll likely get other payouts on top of these because of how they are stacked up.

Sirens’ Serenade Logo Scatter

One of the scatter symbols gives payouts only, and that’s the logo symbol for the game. It appears on all five reels, and it gives you some decent payouts that are multiplied by your total bet size. Five of a kind pays out a 50x win, and four of a kind gives you half as much at the 25x level. These are like 1,250x and 625x line bet wins, respectively. The pay for three of this scatter is lower at 3x, which is like a 75x line bet payout. These are cool wins because you don’t have to get them on particular reels or paylines, so they’re worth more than they seem since they can hit more easily.

Rocks Scatter and Free Spins Mode

The rocks around the sirens are really important in the mythology behind them because they essentially act as the weapons that sailors would drive themselves into. In the Sirens’ Serenade video slot, the rocks are a scatter that award free spins. Three of a kind gets you 10 free turns, and four of a kind gets 14. You can pick up 18 free spins total for five of this scattered bonus symbol anywhere on the game’s reels.

During the free spins, you do have the opportunity to re-trigger the feature to add on even more free turns. However, all of your wins are also doubled with a 2x multiplier during this feature, so that’s even more value than you would normally get from your regular spins.

Top-level Symbols and Prizes

Five symbols make up the top level of payouts in this game. You can win 400x for five of the front of the ship. Likewise, a win of slightly less at 300x is yours when you put together a five-of-a-kind combination of the flag symbol. Five of the sail symbols are your key to a 200x payout, and the prize for five of the oars is 150x. You can also get rewarded with a 120x prize for five of the map symbol that is floating on the water.

Something that’s really key in the Sirens’ Serenade video slot is that the pay table is designed to be really balanced and fairly flat in the middle. This is why you have so many mid-level, three-figure wins available. It helps to smooth out the volatility and provide a lot more ways to win.

Low-tier Payouts and Combinations

The way they handled the lowest-paying symbols in the Sirens’ Serenade online slot is with four different card rank symbols. They are all in gold with an ocean motif in the same font used for the name of the game. Five of a kind of the A symbol gets you a win of 60x, and it drops by 10 to 50x for five of the K. You can earn 40x for five of the Q, and five of the J gets you slightly less at 30x.

One issue with this game is that some of these lowest pays are pretty small. Players don’t really enjoy it when they get excited over a five-of-a-kind combination only to discover that they barely made enough to cover the cost of the spin.



In Summary

The Sirens’ Serenade video slot is a pretty popular title by Saucify because they offer a balanced pay table with some decent features and strong graphics. There are some minor issues with the game from a nit-picking standpoint, but it is a pretty strong title overall, and there’s a reason why so many players flock to it.

It’s also important to realize with this game that there are a ton of titles in the online slot world that are based on Greek and Roman themes. Not many incorporate the sirens, which is strange because they are such important figures in so many stories, so it’s nice to see that something atypical was used as the centerpiece of a game. Overall, there’s plenty to be happy about here, and this slot is a good part of an overall strong portfolio from Saucify.

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