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Voodoo Slot by Endorphina

Voodoo SlotThe Voodoo slot by Endorphina uses 10 paylines across five reels and three rows with a creepy black magic theme.

Voodoo is considered to be a different type of magic than the traditional white and black split that you typically see in Western cultures, and it’s the source of Endorphina’s Voodoo slot. This game has high-quality graphics with a very serious and dark slant, and it’s built around strong gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. The visual appeal of this game is very strong as well, and it’s maintained a level of popularity since it was first released due to the combination of these factors.

Play Voodoo Slot for Free

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Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 10
Bet Sizes $0.10 – $100
Theme Black Magic
Volatility Medium
Features Scatters, Free Spins, Wild Scatters, Expanding Winning Symbols

Format and Layout of the Voodoo Slot

Endorphina uses the same format in a number of their games with five reels and three rows along with 10 paylines. The reason they do this for a particular group of games is that the features themselves give value based on the number of paylines available, so they have to keep that number down to a reasonable level to keep the pay schedule balanced and the volatility down.


Players can choose coin sizes that start at $0.01 for a minimum bet size of just $0.10, which is low enough for basically any bankroll of any size. You also have the choice to pick coins that go as high as $1 apiece, and since you can wager up to 10 coins per payline, that gives the game a $100 maximum bet size.

Voodoo Slot Screenshot

Scattered Wild Symbols

In some games, there are different symbols that are important. In the Voodoo video slot, however, there is one symbol that drives the gameplay the most, and that is of the voodoo man wearing the black hat. He acts as a wild symbol, and he appears on all reels to give you chances to hit extra winning combinations. With that being the case, he’s also a scatter symbol, so hitting the winning combinations for these wilds is much easier.

Five of the scattered wild symbol anywhere on the game board will give you a 2,000x payout. This is the largest individual win that you can get in the game. Four of a kind pays 200x, and three gets you 20x. These are pretty good scatter payouts on top of the fact that they help you to get other winning combinations as well.

Voodoo Scatter Symbol

Free Spins Bonus Feature

The scattered wild voodoo man has something else about him that is very valuable, and that is the fact that he helps you to trigger a set of free spins. If you get three or more (essentially, any scatter payout), then you’ll trigger a set of 10 free spins. During this bonus feature, you’ll get a special expanding symbol feature.

Voodoo - Free Games

When you get a non-scatter payout on the reels, all of those winning symbols will expand to cover the entire reels that they show up on. This means you’ll get 10 different wins of the same prize because you’ll get the same winning combination on each of the 10 paylines. This feature gives you some black magic of your own, and the Voodoo online slot is one of the only places we’ve ever seen this type of symbol expansion.

Voodoo Slot 10 Free Spins

High-end Symbols and Payouts

Aside from the wild symbol, this game has five other high-end symbols. The first is the voodoo woman, and she will give you a strong 1,000x payout for five of a kind. When you get the snake symbol on the reels, five of a kind will pay you 500x. You can also score with a 250x payout for five of the jaguar head, the voodoo doll or the crow.

All five of these symbols are very important because they can pay you with just two of a kind or more. This fact increases the hit-rate of these symbols, especially considering you have wild symbols that appear on every reel. On top of that, it brings down the volatility quite a bit as well.

Voodoo Slot Payouts

Card Rank Symbols

Visual appeal is very important for any game that uses card rank symbols for payouts, and the Voodoo video slot handles this very well. The A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols are presented in a super-creepy font. The A and K symbolos will pay you a solid 125x payout for five of a kind of either. On the other hand, five-of-a-kind wins of the Q, J or 10 symbols can all get you a prize of 100x.

Players will be very glad to see that the five-of-a-kind prizes for even the lowest symbols are relatively high, which is more than we can say for a lot of games from various competitors. The card rank symbols all need at least three of a kind for a winning combination.

Voodoo - Gamble & Win Feature

A Note on Volatility

This game ends up with a medium volatility overall, and it’s improtant to realize why that is because it’s not readily apparent. There is a tremendous amount of value tied up in the voodoo man scattered wild symbol.

He’s responsible for scatter pays, which are worth more than regular pays because they’re so much easier to get. He’s also responsible for the largest payout in the game with a 2,000x win for five of a kind. Finally, he provides extra value with the free spins and the winning combinations that include a wild. This ties up a lot of value, and it’s the main thing that contributes to the volatility.

The two-of-a-kind wins for the five top regular-paying symbols helps the volatility a bit, and the fact that there are just 10 paylines helps a lot as well. Efforts have been taken to temper the volatility caused by the voodoo man symbol along these lines.

Voodoo Super Win



In Summary

Some games just have a different tone and feel to them that makes them stand out among the thousands of online slots that are available today. The Voodoo video slot by Endorphina is one such game. You will have a hard time finding titles that have used the same theme or that have graphics that are as strong. Moreover, you’ll have a hard time finding as good of a feature set as this game has.

With that having been said, this is best suited to players who prefer games with a low or medium level of volatility. Players who prefer high-volatility gameplay will not get as much out of this particular slot because that’s not the demographic it’s designed to suit. Other Endorphina titles have a higher volatility style of gameplay, however, so they’re set up to help you find whatever you’re looking for.

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