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Saucify’s Zodiac Slot Review

Zodiac SlotZodiac is an online slot by Saucify based on the Western zodiac symbols with 20 paylines, wild multipliers and a free spins bonus feature with multipliers as well.

The sky was the source of a lot of unanswered questions for early human being, especially at night. They had no idea what was out there or why the lights in the sky (stars and planets) moved around throughout the year. To explain these types of things, they created what’s now known as the zodiac, and the Zodiac slot by Saucify captures the system they came up with. This game uses the 12 Western zodiac symbols to give players an in-depth experience, but you also get to customize your payouts based on whichever zodiac sign you prefer.

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Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 20
Bet Sizes $0.20 – $25
Theme Zodiac
Volatility High
Features Lucky Symbols, Free Spins

Format and Layout of the Zodiac Slot

Saucify has used a pretty standard format for this game. It has five reels and three rows, and there are 20 paylines. The number of paylines is adjustable, but you should really just keep it at 20. When you play with 19 or fewer paylines, the game automatically lowers your return to player percentage, which hurts your chances of turning a profit in your sessions. If you want to pick a bet size that’s smaller, it’s much better to use the other betting options.

There are two main betting options you can use to adjust your overall wager. The first is the number of coins per payline, and the second is the size of the actual coins themselves. The number of coins per payline ranges from one to five, and the coin sizes start at $0.01 and go up to $0.25. You can bet between $0.20 and $25 per spin, which is a pretty reasonable betting range overall that includes players at all levels.

The Wild Sun Symbol

The wild symbol for this game is the sun. That fits the overall theme because the sun was actually a part of many mythologies that sprung from the same type of thinking as the zodiac itself. It appears with miniature versions of all 12 zodiac symbols on different rays moving out from its center, and it shows up on all of the reels. The main thing this sun wild symbol does in the Zodiac video slot is give players extra wins that they wouldn’t have gotten without it. However, it’s also important because it gives a 2x multiplier. Any payout that’s due to a winning combination that included a minimum of one wild symbol is multiplied by a factor of two in this game as a result.

The Moon Scatter Symbol

If the sun is the wild, then it makes complete sense that the moon is the scatter in this slot. It has a cool, teal color, and it offsets the bright yellow sun quite well. This symbol also appears on all reels, and it gives you some pretty solid payouts multiplied by your total bet size. Five of a kind anywhere on the game board pays out 50x. This is like a 1,000x line bet win, making it one of the largest payouts in the game. Four of a kind gets 20x, which is like a 400x line bet win, and three is worth 2x, the same as a 40x line bet win. These payouts are obviously pretty good, which makes the moon scatter symbol something that you definitely want to see lot of on the reels when you play the Zodiac online slot.

It’s worth noting that the moon scatter is the only symbol that the sun wild symbol does not substitute for.

Free Spins Feature

The moon scatter can get you free spins as well. Five earns eight free spins, four earns six free spins and three of a kind gets you a set of four free spins. These free spins have their own 2x multiplier, and that can combine with the wild multiplier to give a total multiplier of 4x on wins that include at least one wild symbol during the free spins bonus round.

The Lucky Zodiac Symbol

A person’s zodiac symbol depends on which part of the year they were born in. These symbols, based on the older interpretations of how things worked, would correlate to different characteristics in those who were born with them. This would lead to 12 fundamental types of people, which makes no sense at all from the perspective of modern science, but they didn’t know that at the time, and it seems pretty reasonable if you don’t know any better.

Many people still read zodiac “readings” in newspapers and online, whether for fun or because they take it seriously, and this aspect of things has been worked into the Zodiac video slot as well through the Lucky Zodiac Symbol feature. You can actually choose which of the 12 symbols will be your lucky zodiac symbol for the game, and it will give you better payouts than the others.

The win for five of a kind of your lucky zodiac symbol is a pretty strong 2,000x. Remember this doubles to 4,000x if it includes a wild symbol. Likewise, you’ll be able to earn 400x for four of a kind (or 800x with a wild). Finally, this drops down to the 70x level for three on an activated payline from left to right, which is bumped up to 140x if a wild symbol is included in the combination.

Other Zodiac Symbols

No matter which of the dozen symbols you choose to be your lucky one, there are 11 left over. Instead of breaking these up into different tiers like most games do, they all actually have the same set of payouts. For these payouts, five of a kind earns 400x. You can also pick up 80x for four of a kind, and a three-of-a-kind combination gets you 14x. These wins jump up to 800x, 160x and 28x, respectively, when you make them with at least one wild symbol in the combination.

You’ll also notice that this creates a situation where the lowest five-of-a-kind win in the whole game is still 400x, which is extemely high. This is one of the things that plays into the somewhat higher volatility of the game. It’s interesting because you rarely see games without a progressive jackpot that have a fairly high volatility just as the result of the regular pay table.



In Summary

Saucify’s Zodiac slot is one of their older titles, and that’s why the graphics are a bit dated. With that having been said, this game has also kept a high level of popularity since it was released. A bit part of the reason for this is the customization of picking your own zodiac symbol, which changes the payouts in the game. The subsequent gameplay with the wilds, free spins and multipliers also help the situation. It also provides a different type of high-volatility gameplay that you can’t really find in many games at all in the industry as a whole. All of these things have combined to make it one of Saucify’s best-known games.

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