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Microgaming Casino Software Review

MicrogamingMicrogaming was the original online casino software developer, and they’ve been running since the mid-1990s with a license in many jurisdictions.

When it comes to online casino software developers, there is one name that has been there since the beginning, and that’s Microgaming. They furnished the software for the very first online casino back in 1995-1996, and they’ve actually been established as a company since 1994. They have been on top of the industry for more than two decades as a result, and at this stage in the game, they are licensed in the United Kingdom and a number of other jurisdictions. They are also a founding member of eCOGRA, the most respected independent regulatory board for online gambling in the world.

The Best Microgaming Casinos

The online casinos with the Microgaming software that are the best, in our opinion, includes the ones that use the Quickfire platform with an extremely wide selection of very high-quality games. This is one of the best things about this software company as a whole, and we’ll get into more depth about that below.

You’ll also find that there are a ton of great bonuses and promotions at the Microgaming-powered casino sites that we recommend. Instead of just giving you a big welcome bonus and then leaving you to your own devices, they set you up with recurring promotions that make sure your bankroll is always topped off.

Good customer service and a strong history of paying out when they are supposed to is also important in all of the casinos that we recommend, as is a license in a jurisdiction that has its own reputation to uphold.

Two Different Platforms

During the time that Microgaming has been running, they have operated with a total of three different software platforms, two of which are still alive and well today. The first is the Microgaming Viper platform, and while it’s on its way to being phased out, it’s still used at some casinos. This platform includes only games produced by Microgaming, and there are well over 700 different titles to choose from. The second is the Microgaming Quickfire platform, which is considered by many to be the most popular platform in the industry today, and that is going to be the focus of our review since Viper is on its way out.

The Quickfire Platform

There are a few key advantages of the Quickfire platform that are important for players:

Overall, the Quickfire platform by Microgaming gives players a ton of flexibility with a great overall selection of titles from a variety of different vendors like Rabcat, Quickspin and plenty of others.

Three Ways for Players to Play

The first thing that players should always think about when deciding which casino software they want to play with is what options they have to actually connect and play. With the Microgaming Quickfire platform, you have pretty much every available method that anyone could use. First off, their platform is completely browser-based, so if you have a recent, updated version of any of the popular Internet browsers on your computer, then will have no problem getting connected and playing. Additionally, this allows players from Windows, Linux and Mac computers to connect, so there’s a really wide range of computer types that you can play with.

On top of that, they have a very flexible mobile platform as well. Any relatively recent smartphone or tablet that has a web browser will be able to load up the mobile software. This includes mobile devices running Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android, iOS and more. The flexibility of their mobile platform is a pretty big deal because many other software developers only allow players to connect through select phones, tablets or operating systems. You don’t have those limitations when dealing with Microgaming, and that’s the reason why a strong argument could be made that they have one of the most mobile-friendly platforms out there.

Online Slot Game Selection

One of Microgaming’s biggest selling points is the quantity of games they have available, but they also deliver fairly well in terms of quality. You can see this pretty well with their selection of online slots. They have a few hundred different games available in this genre, and it makes up a majority of the game selection they have overall. You’ll have a number of classic slots available on top of a tremendous selection of video slots, including the world record-breaking progressive game Mega Moolah.

One issue that we have with their slot selection is that a lot of the games share certain graphics, in particular the A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols. We feel that this is lazy, and when you notice it, it really takes away from the experience. Additionally, there are a number of cases where they have games that are virtually identical except for the graphics and music, and that’s something that we think is clearly put up to boost their numbers to make it appear that they have more games than they really do. They have such a strong selection of games that we can’t really understand why they do that, but it’s something to be aware of.

Table Game Selection

You’ll get a pretty solid selection of table games with Microgaming. In particular, their “Gold” series of games has been an effort for them to provide the “gold standard” for a number of different table games in terms of odds, visual appeal and overall gameplay. This includes titles ranging from roulette to specific casino poker games, and there are plenty of them to choose from.

For players who prefer a bit more strategy involved in their games, they have a really deep selection of video poker and blackjack. Over two dozen video poker games can be found here in addition to several types of blackjack and 21 games, including pontoon, a game that some people consider blackjack and some people don’t. They have some games in here that give you payout rates of over 99.5 percent with correct play, which means the house edge on these games is the smallest of virtually any game in the industry.

Aside from these options, Microgaming also has their own live dealer platform, though not all of the casinos that use their software offer live dealer titles as well. Blackjack, roulette and Baccarat are offered up on this platform in addition to the regular online casino versions of these games in the normal software.

Other Software Partners

Something that’s really critical to note about the Microgaming Quickfire platform is that it makes it really easy for online casino operators to use games from many other software providers as well, in addition to the third-party vendors that are included in the Quickfire package.

Along these lines, you could end up with games at the same casino from other top-tier providers like NetEnt, BetSoft, Playtech, etc., which will expand your selection even more. While not every online casino that uses this software decide to do this, it’s worth looking into when you’re picking out somewhere to play.




The bottom line is that Microgaming is one of the biggest, if not the single biggest, online casino software provider in the industry for a lot of reasons. Their Quickfire platform specifically is extremely good, and they have a very long-standing reputation for offering a fair, safe and secure environment for players. The experience that players get from this software is simply outstanding, and other than some of their slots being essentially copies of each other with different graphics, it’s really hard to find any weakneses that the platform has as a whole.