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Visionary iGaming

Visionary iGamingVisionary iGaming is primarily known for offering live dealer games and a small selection of slots. Their games are found in online casinos across the globe in high-definition video and audio feeds for thousands of players every day.

In the live dealer casino game space, Visionary iGaming (ViG for short) is one of the companies that is known for having a great quality of game available. While they may not be the top name in this particular sector, they are near the top, and they have a tremendous reputation for being consistent with what they offer. You’ll find their software alongside others in lots of online casino sites as a result.

The Best Visionary iGaming Casinos

One thing that’s interesting about the casinos that use their software is that it’s never the only software available for players. Along these lines, you’ll see games from a variety of other software developers paired up with the Visionary iGaming casino package. This means there’s a ton of variety when it comes to the sites that offer their games.

A few key things to look for in casinos that offer this software include:

Because there is such a wide range of different sites that offer games from this developer, all of the standard advice for online casino selection also applies like you would typically expect in terms of making sure they’re reliable like the ones that we are recommending here.

Platform Options for Visionary iGaming

Players will need to connect from their computers to play the casino games offered by ViG. The bottom line is that they offer downloadable and in-browser platforms for players from their desktops or laptop computers, but there is no mobile option at this time. The vast majority of players who get in on the action with live dealer games play from their computers anyway, so this isn’t such a big deal for most people most of the time.

The quality of the graphics for both available platforms is the same. However, if you’re going to be playing from the same computer on a regular basis, then we recommend that you use the downloadable platform to make it easier to connect so that you don’t have to wait on everything to load in your web browser. However, if you’re playing on different computers and don’t want to download any casino software to them, then it’s probably best to just go ahead and use the no-download, instant-play option instead.

Another piece of good news here is that their instant play option can be used from any type of computer that has a browser program that’s installed and updated. This gives their games a tremendous level of flexibility for being played from Mac, Linux or Windows systems, and that’s a key advantage over less flexible competition.

Online Slots by Visionary iGaming

While they are primarily known for their live dealer games, we’d like to take a moment to note that they do have some online slots available in both the three-reel and five-reel variety. They aren’t anything to write home about, and they aren’t of a particularly high quality. That’s understandable considering they are anywhere near being ViG’s main focus. However, they can be fun to check out for a little bit when you want a break from the live dealer tables, and there are a couple dozen of them in total.

If possible, it’s probably better to just try the slots available at whichever other software developers (if any) have titles at the casino you choose. While these slots are a nominal effort, they aren’t particularly good, and they don’t stand out in any meaningful way.

Live Dealer Baccarat Games

The Visionary iGaming Baccarat tables come in two varieties. They have a regular Baccarat table, and they also have a Super 6 variant. The difference is that there is no commission in the Super 6 style, but it’s compensated for by the fact that banker wins with a six are paid at 1:2 (50 percent) instead of 1:1.

The interface is set up to make it really clear what you’re watching with the playing cards for the player and banker hands shown face-up in the center of the screen with cameras zoomed in. At the same time, you’ll see the dealer in her own segment of the screen chatting with players and working on dealing the game. All of your betting options are shown across the bottom of the screen as well like a traditional brick-and-mortar table layout.

Something worth pointing out is that there are Super 6 and Dragon Bonus side bets available to spruce up the action. You won’t find these options in most live Baccarat games, so that means they stand out quite a bit in that regard. Moreover, there are player pair, banker pair and either pair side bets that are a bit more common. They pay 11:1 for the player or banker pair and 5:1 for the either pair, which are the standard payouts for these types of bets in the industry as a whole.

Live Blackjack Games

Again, the Visionary iGaming blackjack games come in two types. The first is the traditional blackjack game. This is a six-deck game with two-thirds shoe penetration, which means there are some opportunities for counting cards if you want to try to get as big of an advantage as possible. The dealer does peek for blackjack in this game, which makes strategy easier, but there is no splitting or doubling after splitting.

With correct play, the house advantage of this game is a little more than 99.3 percent, ranking it up there with some of the top-paying games that players can find in any online casino. It also has a couple of cool side bets:

The second type of blackjack game they call Early Payout, and it’s a title that you’ll only find with ViG. The same basic rules are available as above, which include the side bets, but there’s a special surrender option that works differently than any you’ve probably ever seen before. In fact, we didn’t know that this type of option existed in any blackjack game anywhere before seeing it here.

The way the early payout works is that you give up your cards and any chances of winning the hand. In exchange, you get back an amount dependent on your cards and the dealer’s up card. It works out to be worth about 98 percent of what the value would be if the hand was played perfectly, so it’s a lot better than the 50 percent payout that you get with traditional surrender options.

Live Roulette Tables

The Visionary iGaming roulette tables are pretty straightforward. There’s an American double zero style and a European single zero style, and the latter of the two gives you a significantly higher payout with the same type of gameplay. In fact, there’s really no reason to play the American version.

The software is set up to make it as true to the brick-and-mortar version as possible with an overhead view of the wheel and table along with a high-definition feed of the dealer herself in the corner so that you can see the action from two angles at the same time.

One cool thing about these games is that they offer up a history of the past several spins, so you can try to figure out patterns if that’s the way that you prefer to play.




With Visionary iGaming, players get some excellent live dealer games with side bets and options that you don’t normally find anywhere else. Their games stand out for their high level of quality and the fact that you can enjoy them as a download or inside of your web browser. Live dealer table fans will definitely want to check out what this company has to offer.